Tourism, one of the few growth sectors, has undergone major changes with the advent of Internet and the Generation Y: "the social Networks." The profession of tourist entrepreneur has evolved rapidly and radically; to be able to follow and exploit the new opportunities offered by the new market areas requires specific know how and skills, as well the time to keep them constantly updated.

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Ieri Ospitalità



Our team assists and supports tourism entrepreneur to solve all the problems related to each sector of Hospitality 2.0



Gestione prenotazione
Reservation management

Gestione accoglienza
Hospitality management


The set of services provided is modulated and defined together with our partners. The finish line will be: streamline operations to attract and loyalize guests, simplifying and providing entrepreneurs access to the most effective solutions for the Hospitality 2.0, normally useful only for big touristic facilities.

We support tourism entrepreneurs by offering them customized solutions for each area of their activity; together with them them we build a clear and targeted market offer to get immediately the first positive results.



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